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Sales of AZDEN Brand goods in North & South America & EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Chairman: Mr. Fuminori Sato
Vice Chairman: Mr. Motonori Sato
President: Mr. Sho Torii
VP of Sales: Mr. Wayne Alonso

Founded in 1952, Tokyo, Japan, Azden has over 60 years of experience to back its expertise in audio equipment manufacturing. Started as an OEM manufacturer, Azden has provided its products to many of the top audio and electronics brands. Now a well established and independent brand name, Azden is well known in the audio market around the world. Specializing in microphones and wireless audio for video production, Azden’s mission is to provide video creators and film makers with quality audio gear at an affordable price.

Azden USA, established in 1984, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Azden Corporation, Japan, providing sales, marketing and customer support for Azden products in the Americas, Europe and Africa. The Azden USA offices currently reside in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey.



Azden Headquarters, Japan.

  • 1952 Nihon Atsudenki Co., Ltd. was founded by Kohei Sato on August 16th. The main factory was established in Suginami-ku Amanuma.
  • 1955 Started elastic armature cartridge production. Relocated the main factory from Suginami-ku to Mitaka-shi.
  • 1957 Completed the constant temperature/humidity chamber and transformer sub-station.
  • 1958 Started the development of auto record changer. Joined Japan Audio Society and Electronic Industries Association of Japan.
  • 1959 Established as a leading audio parts manufacturer of Japan. Expanded the tooling production capability.
  • 1961 Kohei Sato received the Tokyo Gubernatorial Awards for his inventions.
  • 1963 Started juke-box production.
  • 1966 Started mass production of high-performance ceramic cartridge and dynamic cartridge.
  • 1967 Completed the anechoic chamber. Expanded into the wireless technology field.
  • 1968 Started research on electret-condenser microphone.
  • 1969 Kohei Sato was awarded a Medal of Honor for his development of Rochelle salt-piezoelectric element. Also recognized by Japan’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MITI) for the contribution to exports.
  • 1970 Started production of magnetic-head and condenser microphone unit.
  • 1971 A new office was completed in Suginami-ku Asagaya. Set up the Product Development department.
  • 1974 Engaged in a joint research with MITSUBISHI-YUKA on piezoelectric material.
  • 1980 Founder, Kohei Sato, passed away. His son, Fuminori Sato, became the President. His wife, Nobuko Sato became the Chairman. The Order of the Sacred Treasure was awarded to Kohei Sato posthumously for a lifetime of contributions to Japan’s electronics industry.
  • 1982 Joined the NPS (New Production System), an industry group to study systemized quality control.
  • 1983 A U.S.A. office was opened in Chicago.
  • 1984 Acquired Iwate Hokushin Co.,Ltd. and the name was changed to Iwate Azden Corporation. Established Azden Corporation in Chicago, U.S.A. Relocated to New York in October.
  • 1993 The company name was changed from Nihon Atsudenki Co., Ltd. to Azden Corporation.
  • 1994 Fuminori Sato was awarded the 19th Annual Invention Award-Sasagawa Special Award by the Japan Institute of Invention & Innovation and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
  • 1995 The first exhibition at the NAB Show in the U.S.A. Started mass production of mobile phone receiver.
  • 1998 Fuminori Sato was awarded the Minister of Scientific Technology Award for his promotion of science & technology.
  • 2002 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company’s foundation.
  • 2004 Iwate Azden Corp. acquired ISO14001 certification.
  • 2009 Celebrated the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Azden Corp USA.
  • 2012 Marked the 60th anniversary of Azden’s foundation in Japan.