What are Azden PRO Shop Premier Exclusive Offers?

These are special, limited time discount deals that Azden PRO Shop offers on new products to mailing list subscribers only. Whenever Azden launches a new product, mailing list subscribers get to know about it first before it’s even available in stores, and they get a coupon code!

So if you’re not on the Azden PRO Shop mailing list, sign up now, or you’re missing out!

(Update: 12/28/15)
Whenever you get a Premier Exclusive Offer email, look for the Pre Order button; click it and you’ll be taken to the product page and a special coupon code will be applied automatically for a discount. Then, proceed to check out as normal and the product you purchase will ship as soon as it’s in stock!

Premier Exclusive Offer coupon codes will be valid for a limited time specified in the email, so don’t wait too long to make your purchase!

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