Azden-ECZ-990-SALE3CLOSE OUT SALE! Exclusively on Azden PRO Shop get over 40% off MSRP on the remaining stock of ECZ-990 microphones. The microphone that started it all, the legendary ECZ-990 was one of the first shotgun microphones to be widely adopted by DSLR camera users. It quickly gained further popularity when users discovered the microphone also worked great for shooting video with their smartphones, when using a specialized adapter.

The ECZ-990 is a 6″ long, directional, or “zoom” microphone with a super-cardioid pick-up pattern (ellipse shaped). Designed for use with DSLR cameras and camcorders, it will pick up the sound of your subject’s voice more clearly, reducing background noises. With 2 positions, short and long, the ECZ-990 has a range of 35 feet, uses 1 “AAA” battery, and comes with a windscreen, mic clip shoe mount and mounting hook-and-loop tape.
You may also make your ECZ-990 compatible with smartphones and tablets by ordering Azden’s HX-Mi cable.

The ECZ-990 was recently discontinued and replaced by the SGM-990 microphone. These two models of microphone really only differ in name, possessing the same specs and features. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a quality microphone at an incredibly low price. But hurry! This deal ends once the last of the ECZ-990s are sold.

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