Video Shooter’s Microphone Bundle – SMX-30 with PRO-XD

From: $448.00 $409.00

SWS-30 Furry Windshield Cover

(optional) Add at a discounted price

EX-507XD Professional Lapel Microphone for PRO-XD

(optional) Add at a discounted price


The Ultimate Video Shooter’s Audio Kit provides everything to start shooting your vlogs, interviews, documentaries and more. This bundle covers all your audio bases: the SMX-30 gives you a shotgun mic for dialogue and a stereo mic for all the other scenarios where you want immersive sound (concerts, sports, nature scenes, etc.). Last but not least, the PRO-XD give you the flexibility of a wireless microphone with professional sound at an affordable price.

Included in this Bundle:

SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Switchable Video Microphone

The SMX-30 microphone offers a video shooter maximum versatility because it can be a directional shotgun microphone or a stereo microphone, changeable with a flip of the switch. The mono mode is perfect for capturing dialogue as it focuses in on your speaking subject while rejecting noise from the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the stereo mode is capable of capturing realistic, immersive audio that enhances the viewer’s experience, which is ideal for recording scenes like a musical performance or a sporting event. Other features include a 3-stage gain control switch with a +20 dB boost or -10 dB pad, a low-cut filter switch for mitigating low-frequency noise, and an automatic power mode that will turn the microphone on or off with your camera.

PRO-XD Digital Wireless Microphone System

Sometimes you just need to get a microphone really up-close to your speaking subject, but the situation doesn’t allow for booming a microphone. That’s when you need a wireless system. The PRO-XD gives you a lavalier microphone that you can clip to your shirt which connects to a small transmitter that you can wear on your belt or in your pocket. The wireless receiver is equally small and mounts right on top of your camera, connecting into the microphone input. The wireless signal is digital, which has the advantage of being unaffected by traditional radio interference and capable of a higher quality audio (48 kHz/16 bit). The system is easy to use, with automatic synching between the transmitter and receiver. Available volume control on the receiver allows you to set the perfect audio level.

In addition to it’s compatibility with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the PRO-XD comes with an adapter cable to allow you to use it with a smartphone or tablet. No special apps are needed, just record with the on-board video app. Compatibility extends up to the latest iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and more. Plus, the PRO-XD’s small size makes it very convenient to use with mobile devices and easy to travel with.

Optional: SWS-30 Furry Windshield

Specifically designed for the SMX-30 microphone to reduce wind noise. A must have for outdoor shooting.

Optional EX-507XD Professional Lapel Microphone

Take your sound to the next level with the upgrade microphone for PRO-XD. Tuned for richer lows and smoother highs, it allows you to capture broadcast quality sound.

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